Collaborating with artist Andrew Lacey, Siân Lewis has recently embarked upon the ‘Nature Tableau’ series – a group of sculptural tables and related objects cast in bronze. ‘Born of transient forms, organic and ephemeral, they are transmuted by an ancient art into the crystalline permanence of bronze.

These ‘scenes’ evoke a sacred grove, a journey in woodlands, suggesting ghostly textures of the forest floor, with dusty ashen patinas reminiscent of the emerging glow of sun on a misty morning‘. Lacey & Lewis make and cast all of their own work which enables a lively, creative exploration within the art of bronze casting.

Each piece in the series is a unique sculpture, rather than part of an edition, meaning that exact copies are not made, but similar unique pieces can be produced. With an MA in Interior Design, in tandem with many years of artistic practice, Siân Lewis is passionate about integrating her work into beautiful interiors Her unique approach creates incredibly desirable pieces, designed exclusively for you.