In 1992, Following a career in engineering and design, Steve began to teach himself to sculpt but completing just two works before giving up. However, four years later, he decided to try again, holding his first exhibition in May 1996. It was here that he met fellow wildlife artist Alan Hunt, who gave him his first commission and remains a close companion and inspiration. Later that year, a meeting with international wildlife photographer Dave Lawson led him to visit Marwell Zoo and Steve realised he wanted to use his art to help conservation. He subsequently agreed to go on safari with Project Africa, donating a percentage of all sales to the charity. Since 1996, Steve has been inundated with requests for commissions, exhibitions and demonstrations of his sculpting technique.

He has also achieved considerable success at major auctions including Christie’s and Sotheby’s. Major achievements include the exhibition of his life size tiger as the centerpiece of the NATO conference at the ICC in Birmingham, and commissions for the Duke of Edinburgh Awards. Steve’s work is collected internationally by both private and corporate collectors. Over past few years, Steve has begun to cast his own work. It was traditional for Masters, such as Rodin, to get involved in casting their own work. The magic of casting captured Steve’s imagination and inspiration and he started on the long process of building his own art foundry, teaching himself the various processes involved. Each sculpture is handcrafted and finished by the artist.

More recently steven has decides to explore a whole new series of works employing a different approach and style that he hopes to feed in to his established work . Fascinated by the gothic and the ancient world Steven is embarking on a series of works based on various mythologies