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Heather Jansch Sculpture

Available Works Include

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Heather Jansch, Neptune, at Muse. The Sculpture Comoany
Bronze World Edition 25
30cm x 26cm
Bronze World Edition 25
36cm x 30cm
Ra-Ra Head
Bronze World Edition 25
36cm x 30cm
Bronze World Edition of 25
36cm x 30cm
Heather Jansch, The Eden Horse. Muse The Sculpture Company
The Eden Project
Bronze World Edition 5
Bronze World Edition 12
41cm x 43cm
The Calling
Bronze World Edition 12
43cm x 40cm
Bronze World Edition 9
70cm x 55cm
Heather Jansch, Cantare at Muse The Sculpture Company
Bronze World Edition 5


‘From a distance they are the embodiment of equine grace, three creatures ready to burst into a gallop across the sands. Only on closer examination are they revealed to be sculptures made, incredibly, from driftwood.’ -- Daily Mail, 2008

‍Heather Jansch was born in 1948 and trained at Both Walthamstow Collageof Art and Goldsmiths, London

'One day my son could not find any kindling to light the wood burner and had chopped up a piece of ivy that had grown round a fencing stake,' she says. 'He had left behind a short section that I immediately saw as a horse's torso.

'The next question was where I could find more or similar shapes. The answer was, of course, driftwood.

'In 2000 following a national exhibition of the very best in British sculpture, where she was shown side by side with Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth, she was commissioned by Tim Smit KBE to create a feature work for the entrance of The Eden Project.

Her works are available in both the original Driftwood and now in Bronze and small world wide editions  

Her works grace private collections throughout the world

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