Judy Boyt is a sculptor and designer with a passion for the natural world. Her strong observational initial drawings are translated into sculpture using the 3D metal armatures as the ‘drawn line’. This is where the energy, character and spirit of the sculpture starts. She works from the ‘inside out’- the dynamics of the skeletal structure, adding the flesh and muscle, to the final skin layer – creating a sculpture that has presence and a soul, capturing the living essence in the final metal cast. “I want the sculptures to speak and have that energy that will excite the observer. I want to recreate the soul and power.”

Judy is presently adding to her considerable range of small and large sculptures with work that is more abstracted but still retains a recognisable figurative element. Epsom’s Evocation of Speed is the starting point for this style of work. Her work is equally suited for the landscape, cityscape or interiors and she has worked with architects, developers and Town Councils on many major projects. The Liverpool Working Horse monument was recently installed on the Albert Dock in Liverpool. The huge Aberdeen Angus Bull, The Black Prince, was installed in Morpeth, in the new Sanderson Arcade. Her largest bronze sculpture, ‘Rebellion’, (twice life size bronze horse) commissioned by Standard Life, is sited on top of his 100ft tower, East India House Offices, Middlesex Street, City of London. Other notable public sculptures include ‘Evocation of Speed’ for Epsom Developments and ‘Golden Miller’ sited at Cheltenham racecourse. Judy designed and made the world famous Mitsubishi Motors silver trophy for prestigious Badminton Horse Trials.