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Contemporary British Sculpture

Hamish Mackie - Running deer
Hamish Mackie - Fallow Buck
Bronze World Edition of 12
157cm x 157cm 56cm
Nomad Ideas Kilim Shoes
Tim Hiscocks - Free Movement
Stainless Steel
300cm x 185cm x 70cm


Muse Sculpture Company is a specialist dealer in contemporary sculpture with unrivalled access to work both domestic and monumental, interior and exterior. We can supply, commission, ship and site works of all sizes and mediums. We can advise on restoration and relocation of works together with offering advice on selling your sculpture.

Based just outside the Gloucestershire market town of Tetbury Muse Sculpture Co. takes part in all the major arts and decorative events as well as the most prestigious social events.

We work with the finest sculptors and foundries and can locate works from sale rooms and galleries all over the world.

Please take a moment and look through our site and if you wish to be added to our mailing list simply send a message via the contact page.

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Currently Available by Artist

Muse. Considerations on Buying a Sculpture

Buying and investing in sculpture should be like any investment. You’re not only investing your hard earned cash but investing space in your home. Therefore only buy from a trusted dealer or artist with a long standing reputation. Don’t be pressured, a good dealer wants a long term relationship with you as a sculpture buyer.

Good sculpture should have a presence, an effect on its space. So make sure the space is suitable.

It’s true to say however if any artwork really moves you then you will always find space.

If it’s a piece for the garden or landscape make sure it is placed where it can be viewed best. If it’s a six foot piece have a six foot friend stand where you think it would work and then retreat to your likely viewing point to check.

Works outside should be fixed into place for both security and safety. A discreet foundation for the work to be bolted to is all it takes. Again your dealer or sculptor should be able to advise.

Contemporary bronzes should be of small editions with a foundry mark, number and signature.

An artist will limit the edition size but are likely to add a number of artist proofs. Check with your dealer.There is no difference in the quality of casting of the numbered edition or the artist proofs.

Older and antiques works will be marked in similar ways but do check provenance of the work.

Also check for any restoration, particularly around the base and joints. Restoration is not a bad thing in its self and shouldn’t affect the delight you find in your work but may affect its value. Yet again a good dealer will point this out to you.

Try and avoid resin or cold cast bronze. It is a cheaper and more accessible option but has little or no investment value. Bronzes are hollow and will ‘Ting’, resins will not. Ask before you ‘ting.’ Also if you pick up a bronze you may hear something small moving inside, that just part of the casting process and should assure you all is correct.

Bronze is hardy and should take little maintenance but garden works should be washed down once a year, allowed to dry and then have light brushing of wax. This will keep the patina foundry fresh. Your dealer should be happy to arrange this for you.

Bronzes inside the home should require nothing more than a wipe with a dry clean duster, and for works with more relief a gentle brush with a clean shoe brush.


Taken from an Interview with Justin Gardner for Homes & Antiques Magazine
Muse. The Sculpture Company Theodore Gillick
Theodore Gillick - Collected Canter
Anne Curry - La Promesse
Anne Curry - La Promesse
Stuart Anderson - Standing Greyhound
Stuart Anderson - Standing Greyhound

Muse. Contemporary British Sculpture


Muse. Contemporary British Sculpture

Past Events

Royal Ascot 18th - 22nd

We have been once again asked to supply work for the RoyalEnclosure Gardens. If you are attending be sure to contact us for a catalogueand a guided tour of what we have to show.

View Exhibits from Ascot 2021

Upcoming Events

Luckham Park Hotel, Colerne, Chippenham, Wiltshire. Ongoing
Battersea Decorative Fair, London     28th September - 3rd October
Winter Art and Antiques Fair , Olympia London 1st-7th November


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