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Louisa Forbes

Louisa Forbes Sculpture

Available Works Include

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Louisa Forbes Walking Woman at Muse.The Sculpture Company
Walking Woman
Bronze World Edition of 6
80cmcm x 165cm
Brunhilde's Horse
Bronze / Lead World Edition of 9
85cm x 106cm
Brunhilde Checking Girth
Bronze / Lead World Edition of 9
85cm x 106cm
Mother & Child
Bronze World Edition of 9
70cm x 90cm
Louisa Forbes Europa at Muse.The Sculpture Company
Bronze World Edition of 9
50cm x 45cm
Bronze World Edition of 9
45cm x 50cm
Spartan Horse
Bronze World Edition of 9
Bronze World Edition of 9
12cm x 38cm
Louisa Forbe Puck at Muse.The Sculpture Company
Bronze World Edition of 9
Excluding Plinth 100cm x 130cm


Louisa Forbes has a degree in sculpture from the Chelsea Art School.

She blends themes of religion and mythology into her classical figurative sculpture, and is inspired by the idea of a connection with people thousands of years ago.

She uses clay gathered from her own land which strengthens the interrelation between her as an artist, her home and the people who were there before.

The coarseness of the clay dictates the way she builds and works the surface of her pieces, giving them an exciting, contemporary and individual finish married with a classical understanding and approach.

Louisa is on the council of the Society of Portrait Sculptors, a charity promoting excellence in figurative and portrait sculpture, and is a regular contributor to The Society of Portrait Artists Mall exhibition.

Notable collections include;

St Thomas’s Hospital
Churchill College, Cambridge
Trinity College. Cambridge
Bell Court, Stratford upon Avon
Chelsea Old Church, London
Prince Bernhardt of the Netherlands

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