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Nicola Toms

Nicola Toms Sculpture

Available Works Include

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Nicola Toms, Toro, Muse. The Sculpture Company
Bronze World Edition 25
126cm x 67cm
Bronze World Edition 25
46cm x 24cm
Bronze World Edition 25
14cm x 18cm
Sitting Lioness
Bronze World Edition of 9
27cm x 12cm
Nicola Toms, Frank at Muse. The Sculpture CompanyNicola Toms, Bull Elephant at Muse. The Sculpture Company
Bronze World Edition of 9
30cm x 26cm
Bronze World Edition of 9
58cm x 39cm
Bull Elephant
Bronze World Edition of 9
70cm x 40cm
Norfolk Ram
Bronze World Edition of 9
60cm x 50cm
Nicola Toms, End of the Day, at Muse. The Sculpture Company
End of the Day
Bronze World Edition of 9
42cm x 55cm


Born in 1969, Nicola Toms' fascination and passion for wildlife stems from growing up on a cattle and game ranch in Zimbabwe. From an early age she studied animal character and behaviour in the wild. After studying art in Harare, she moved to London and worked in a fine art foundry. Nicola's work is now divided between African wildlife and those in the British countryside, but her aim remains the same whatever her choice of subject:  to convey the awe and excitement of the living creature.She employs a truthful approach, a love of craftsmanship and her distinctive talent to combine form with motion and strength with delicacy. The end result shows great poise and maturity - an artist absolutely in control of her medium. Today she is acknowledged as one of our leading wildlife sculptors. Her work is in numerous private collections in Britain and throughout the world and she has exhibited with galleries in Britain, America, South Africa and New Zealand.

Nicolas works have been shown:

LAPADA London 2016, 2017
Battersea Decorative Fair 2017,2018
Olympia Fine Art Fair 2017, 2018
Nec Fine Art Antiques Fair

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