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Stephen Winterburn

Stephen Winterburn Sculpture

Available Works Include

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Stephen Winterburn, Silver Fox at Muse.The Sculpture Company
Silver Fox
Silver World Edition of 8
13cm x 21cm
Like the Wind
Bronze World Edition of 8
Sacred Soul
Bronze World Edition of 8
Stephen Winterburn, Icarus, at Muse. The Sculpture Company
Bronze World Edition of 8
70cm x 61cm
Bronze World Edition of 8
44cm x 34cm
Bronze World Edition of 8


Steve began teaching himself to sculpt in 1994. With the progression of his sculpting an ambition emerged to personally shape each piece of his work from concept to completion. He had entrusted the casting of his earlier bronzes to the established foundries. But the delays in delivering his work became frustrating and he was disillusioned by the changes that resulted from not handling the finishing stages himself.

In 2002 Steve moved to Yorkshire, in the north of England, and began converting the vast workshop next to his house in to the current 9 room studio & foundry.It was here he started to experiment in order to gain an understanding of the entire process that is traditionally a closely guarded secret handed down between foundry men.

The challenges included mastering mould making skills and the lost wax impression of the moulds from which a one off ceramic mould is made ready for the bronze pouring. Expanding his expertise with chasing the bronze, his ability to hand work the malleable surface and with the patina.

These stages are normally undertaken by a succession of different people, each skilled in their particular phase of the evolving sculpture. Involvement with a diversity of initiatives has taken Steve to India, Peru, Kenya, Tanzania,Rwanda, Australia and Ethiopia, sculpting people and animals.

Steve has created a series of notable public bronzes that grace the most significant buildings including Wembley Stadium. His works have been exhibited throughout the world including London’s BADA, LAPADA and Olympia Fairs.

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