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Stuart Anderson Sculpture

Available Works Include

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Standing Greyhound
Standing Greyhound - Lurcher
2016 Detail
Standing Greyhound - Lurcher 2016
Bronze World Edition of 9
80cm x 80cm x 38cm
Greyhound Mojo
Bronze World Edition 9
110cm x 65cm x 45cm
Stretching Greyhound - Lurcher
Bronze World Edition 15
75cm x 20cm x 20cm
Arching Greyhound
Arching Greyhound - Lurcher
2017 -Bronze World Edition of 9
80cm x 120cm x 40cm
Horse Study after Stubbs
Bronze World Edition of 15
24cm x 34cm x 9cm
Horse Study after Degas
Bronze World Edition of 15
31cm x 21cm x 8cm
Sitting Greyhound - Lurcher
Bronze World Edition of 9
81cm x 57cm x 34cm


Stuart Anderson is well known for his bronze sculptures of animals. In recent years he has concentrated on the elegant and vital forms of greyhounds and horses. Anderson uses the equine form as a metaphor for the forces of nature and lends more freedom to their composition not only to convey movement, but also to create an allegory for elemental beauty, power and vulnerability.

Anderson began sculpting as a teenager, casting his first works in lead that he melted in a saucepan on his mother’s stove.He studied sculpture at Winchester School of Art and Royal College of Art and his awards include the Henry Moore Foundation Grant, Voya Kondik Trust Grant and the Angeloni Award for Bronze Casting. 

'I work from life where possible, with the model, animal or human in front of me,preferring natural, unforced and sometimes quickly observed poses, which always say more about the model (character and physical nature). I try to convey the vitality of the living body, to explore and learn about the anatomy and to make strong sculptural forms.'

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